About DFL

What is it?

It is not about us – it is about US, lawyers who wish to make a difference both for themselves as for their clients and the world.


DFL is the acronym for Different Lawyers in our communication. This acronym is to be found next to the word “lawyer” – and is to be identified with the Different Lawyer.

The Difference

“Different” because it is about that lawyer who wishes to make the difference, to emphasize a different state. Have you ever wondered why some are successful and some are not? It is all about that …

In our acception, different stands also for “protected against evil, against health and self loss”

How To Make the Difference?

The mere intention to make a difference makes you remain on this platform that stands for all those lawyers and students in law who wish to enter the universe of this profession. 

Even if you are at the beginning of this career or you think to leave it… you can find here the support to choose what is best for you and to learn how to make a difference.


DFL is a personal platform for professional and personal development that integrates all relevant aspects from psychology, communication, management, marketing and leadership.

The method through which you ca becom a DFLawer - the courses and the support materials are entirely accessible online.

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In zilele noastre, aproape oricarui avocat i se cere sa cunoasca vreo 7 domenii: comunicare, marketing, limbi straine, PR, elemente de business, de psihologie, cunostinte de IT etc.

Sigur, foarte putini avocati pot sa profeseze in atatea arii de activitate… Totusi, facem sinteze dupa ureche si ne straduim. Insa rigoarea unei profesii adevarate e departe de ceea ce vedem in jur de cele mai multe ori.


The profession of lawyer is invested with the most thorough attributions: the balance of the world depends on how justice is shared. Whoever was the witness of a society in chaos knows this. A lawyer must prove his intelectual capacity, must be inspired, calm, cultivated, able to pay attention, tactful, strong, fine, discreet, focused… If he manages all that, the client is satisfied. And a satisfied client is the guarantee of a sound business…

DFL is a holistic approach, with excellent results, developed with the entire capacity - mind and heart – in order to imporve the quality of lawyers and clients’ life. It stands on four pillars and the intake of each stage as well as the participation to as many as possible actions guarantees a change for good and the difference all lawyers look for. A different lawyer makes indeed the different between an aggressive world and a rusty life and the graceful state we all need.

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